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Scientific Program
Sunday   Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday  
9:00 Short Courses 9:00 Plenary 9:00 Plenary 9:00 Plenary 9:00 Plenary
    9:50 Keynotes 9:50 Keynotes 9:50 Keynotes 9:50 Keynotes
    10:20 Sessions 10:20 Sessions 10:20 Sessions 10:20 Sessions
    10:35 Coffee 10:35 Coffee 10:35 Coffee 10:35 Coffee
    11:00 Sessions 11:00 Sessions 11:00 Sessions 11:00 Sessions
12:00 Lunch 12:15 Lunch 12:15 Lunch 12:15 Lunch 12:00 Awards Lecture
13:30 Short Courses 13:45 Plenary 13:45 Plenary 13:45 Plenary 12:30 Awards and Closing
    14:30 Keynotes 14:30 Keynotes 14:30 Keynotes 13:00 Optional Lunch
    15:00 Sessions 15:00 Sessions 15:00 Sessions    
16:30 End Courses 15:30 Posters 15:30 Posters 15:30 Posters    
17:00 Opening and Plenary 17:00 Sessions 17:00 Sessions 17:00 Sessions    
18:00 Plenary 18:00 End Sessions 18:00 End Sessions 18:00 End Sessions    
19:00 Reception Evening Activity Evening Activity 19:30 Gala Dinner    
Special and Joint Sessions

Euroanalysis XXI will hold joint sessions with other Divisions of the European Chemical Society. A joint program will be held of the Division of Chemisty and the Environment (DCE) and the Division of Analytical Chemistry (DAC), with Prof Esther Heath the keynote speaker representative for the DCE. Many invited speakers and short course instructors have an important interest in the analytical environmental sciences.

There will be a joint session with the Division of Food Chemistry at Euroanalysis XXI, with Prof. Doris Marko the keynote speaker representative.

The EuChemS-DAC Sample preparation study group will hold a roundtable discussion on the topic of greenness of official standard methods. This study group also offers a half day short course (A6) on the topic of green chemistry.

Short Courses

Please consider attending one full day or two half day short courses on Sunday 27th of August. They are given by recognized experts in the field and form an integral part of the program of this conference.

You may find detailed descriptions for each course on a separate page. Please note that lunch will be included in the fee if you register for two half day courses or one full day course.

Scientific Topics
Analytical Life Science Analytical Nanoscience Analytical Science and Global Health Analytical Science in Industry
Analytical Science Education Analytical Spectroscopy Chemical Imaging and Chemical Microscopy Chemical Sensors and Biosensors
Chemometrics Electroanalysis Environmental Analytical Science Field Deployable and Paper-Based Analytical Devices
Fluorescent Probes and Protein Engineering Food Science Analytics Mass Spectrometry Metabolomics and Proteomics
Microfluidics and Flow Analysis Optical Sensors Process Analytical Chemistry Sample Preparation
Separation Science
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