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Geneva offers some 122 hotels with over 9'800 rooms in all price ranges, for an overview see here. Low cost options are also available, for example by staying at a youth hostel or city hostel, or booking through AirBnB. Upon registration you will receive information on hotels with whom we have negotiated discounts compared to the market rate.

Partner hotels: Links and discount codes for hotels

In Geneva, prices of hotel rooms are based on the law of supply and demand. Rates can easily become very high. We recommend you to proceed as soon as possible to the reservation of your accommodation.

EuroAnalysis attendees benefited from a preferential rate if they chose to stay at one of the partner hotels during the congress.


Euroanalysis 2023 was held at the International Conference Centre Geneva (CICG). The street address is: Rue de Varembé 17, 1202 Genève.

The CICG accommodates up to 2’200 people in its spacious rooms with variable configuration and equipped with cutting-edge technology. It benefits from a privileged location in close proximity to the Place des Nations, the main International Organisations and permanent missions based in Geneva.

The Centre contains 19 conference rooms of 20 to 300 sitting places, 2 large rooms with 350 to 1’000 places (that can be organized to bring the capacity to 2’200 sitting places), 60 offices, 1 multipurpose space of 600sqm, 1 post office, 2 bars and 1 restaurant for 600 guests. The conference center is entirely dedicated to Euroanalysis XXI during the conference dates.

After a complete technological renovation carried out over the past three years, the CICG is now offering you an interior renovation and adopts a resolutely modern, bright and airy style.

The gala dinner of the conference was at the bâtiment des Forces motrices (BFM), a structure built in 1883 over the river Rhone to house a hydraulic factory. To avoid potentially dangerous overpressure, a relief valve was installed next to the building in the river to become Geneva's first jet d'eau. The building is today a salle de spectacle perfectly suited for the conference dinner.

Getting to Geneva

Geneva is in the heart of Europe, with an international airport that offers direct flights to over 140 destinations and is a convenient hub for the low cost carrier Easyjet.

The journey time by train from the airport to the city center takes just 6 min. In fact, coming to Geneva by train may be a convenient option as there is a fast TGV connection to Paris, a direct line to Milan and Intercity trains to Zurich and beyond (see here for train schedules). Swiss train tickets, including so-called super saver tickets with a fixed schedule, may be purchased through a mobile app.

Another budget conscious transport option is a long distance bus journey, for example by Flixbus.

Transport in the City

Geneva city has an extensive network of public transport options by train, bus, tram and shuttle boat. Importantly, all these modes of transport are free of charge for guests staying at a hotel or an AirBnB in Geneva. Please inquire before your arrival or at the reception desk upon checkin.

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